A Talk About Eyelash Loss

Eyelash loss, or medically referred to as madarosis, is when there is an abnormal amount of eyelash hairs falling out. This is not a life threatening condition, however it can be very stressful. In most cases, this is a smaller problem that indicates a larger infection is at bay.

There are a few reasons for losing an excessive amount of eyelashes. Some of these conditions are rarer than others, but we think it’s important to talk about all of them. So here we go…

There is Trichotillomania Tangle. This is a condition in which an individual cannot restrain their selves from pulling out body hair. This includes the eyelashes. This is one of the rarer instances, but important to note.

Next we have Hyperactive Thyroid problems. When you start to have issues with your thyroid your body hairs will become brittle. This can occur to the scalp, eyelashes, and eyebrows. In this instance, this is what we mean by eyelashes falling out being the small indication of a bigger issue.

Allergic reactions to certain mascaras or makeup removers can cause eyelashes to fall out. This is due to the basic chemicals that are found in the specific compound. It’s best to speak to a doctor to identify exactly what chemical is causing your hair loss.

If you suffer from any of these conditions it’s a good idea to speak to a medical professional. Once you are able to identify the root issue of your eyelash loss you can start working toward growing healthy eyelashes.


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